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*No coolant is allowed, only water/water wetter!!!

*Wheelie bars prohibited for all classes!

*Racers are required to wear fire compliant shoes, pants, jackets, and gloves. Helmets must meet SA certified requirements. There are absolutely no exceptions as safety is top priority for MITM and its racers!

*Racer Entry is $450 per car. MITM Elite is an invitation race with limited entries. MITM holds the right on deciding racer eligibility. Sponsors and affiliates have first priority of racer entry. This fee is nonrefundable.

MITM has contracted Kurt Johnson for track prep at World Wide Technology Raceway in St. Louis! The track will be scrapped two days prior to the event and allowing new rubber for MITM Elite. The prep will be top notch for our racers all weekend long, so give them all the sauce!

When we are not operating class lists the track will be open for grudge/callout runs and testing.

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The MITM Elite roll race will have a total distance of 1,500 feet!

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This is an unlimited exhibition roll class for the fastest cars in the country. This class will be limited to 16 cars with up to $32,000 in payouts!!! If you feel you have one of the fastest roll cars in the country this is the class for you! Entry fee is $2,000.

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MITM-ELITE-Cicio Street Roll Chootout-01

SRS is setup for the baddest street cars to come together and throw down! This will require stock body panels and registration. Vehicles are required to retain oem glass, a DOT tire, and methanol is prohibited. SRS will have a total field count of 32 cars and a $32,000 payout! Entry fee is $1,000.

MITM-ELITE-mitm Roll-01.png

This class will need a requirement of 1000+hp. Vehicles must retain oem glass, stock body panels, registration, DOT tire, methanol is prohibited, and only one power adder. This will be a field of 24 cars. No entry fee required and $7,000 payout to winner!

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MITM-ELITE-nth moto Elite Street-01.png

This class is designed for true street cars! We will require stock body panels, current registration, there are no rules for suspension. DOT tires required front/rear, DOT stamp must be present. Any size drag radial. Bias ply is limited to 28" tall. You will be required to complete a 35+ mile drive. Upon arrival back to the track you will then enter the lanes where you will not be allowed to make any changes to the vehicle including fuel fill or opening the hood etc. The only adjustment that can be made to the car is tire pressure. After your first round race you may then return to your pit to tend to your vehicle. This will be a field of 32 cars with a payout of $32,000! Entry fee is $1,000.

This class is for all DCT based vehicles that fall within the requirements! Vehicles must retain oem glass, full interior, 3650lb with driver, max turbo size 68mm, methanol is prohibited, only one power adder, and tire size cannot exceed 28” height. This will be a field of 24 cars with a $24,000 payout! Entry fee is $1,000.

MITM-ELITE-AMS DCT Extreme-01.png

This class has no limitations for any DCT based cars. Run what you brung! This will be a field of 12 cars with a $12,000 payout! Entry fee is $1,000.

MITM-ELITE-Grannas Racing Elite H-01.png

This competitive class will require each vehicle to have an H pattern transmission. You must retain a foot controlled clutch. Strain gauge allowed. 8 of the fastest stick cars in the country. 7.99 ET or faster. This is a  $550 class entry. Class payout is $10,000!

MITM-ELITE-mitm stick-01.png

This 32 car field is for cars running 9.49 -7.99 ET. This class will have a breakout rule in place and result in disqualification.  Racer entry for this class only is $250. Class payout is $9,000!

MITM-ELITE-Prospeed Elite Radial-01.png

The rules for this class are straight forward. You must run a 275 radial, and the vehicle needs to retain stock frame rails. This will be a field of 24 cars with a payout of $24,000! Entry fee is $1,000.

MITM-ELITE-The Shop Houston True Street
MITM-ELITE-P2uned A90 Shootout-01.png

This is the P2uned A90 shootout. Cars must retain the factory B58 engine. $300 class entry, $4,000 payout and $1,000 to runner up.